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Every Country In Europe, Without Flying

The Race is On!

Hi, I’m Graham Hughes, British adventurer and the world most travelled scouser.

In the summer of 2017, I attempted to set a brand new Guinness World Record™ by visiting every country in Europe, from Iceland to Cyprus, without flying, in less than 3 weeks. Did I do it?! Well, er…

The Plan

It started, as all great things invariably do, with an idea. Since I first heard about The Tube Challenge it’s been one of my favourite

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The Visa Run

With the ferry from Iceland to Denmark only running on certain days, and the People’s March for the EU (at which I’ve been asked to

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The Iceland Cometh

The ferry to Iceland was kinda outrageous. At over 500 smackaroonies there and back it was quite possibly the most I had ever spent on

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DAY 1: Hoppípolla

We pulled alongside in the sleepy east-coast town of Seyðisfjörður at precisely 9:30am GMT. For it to count as my first country, I could not

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DAY 5: The Baltic Blitz

Arriving in Tallinn at half midnight was always going to be hilarious, but sadly no trains or buses matched my hectic schedule. That’s okay, get

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DAY 6: Brussels Lout

The Eurolines bus we took from Marijampole to Warsaw was “exclusive class” and as far as this expedition was concerned it was the best thing

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DAY 10: Ava Andorra

The guy behind the ticket counter in Salamanca thought we were mad. Yes we’d like to reserve tickets to Madrid and then onto Barcelona. “But

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DAY 11: A Swiss Watch

I didn’t realise but the bus didn’t go to Nice, it went to Nice airport. Which isn’t served by a dedicated trainline. So Cricket and

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DAY 15: Yugo Slow Show

After yesterday’s somewhat unexpected blitz through a quite frankly staggering number of countries, today we arose from our slumbers as we arrived in Podgorica, the

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DAY 17: The Malteser

I’m always going to find waking up on a train exciting. It’s just the way I’m programmed. And yet this morning’s awakening included the extra

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